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After a credential card request has been made, you can respond by assigning a credential to the applicant the request was made for, or by denying the request.

What you should know

The number of pending card requests is shown in the Card requests () icon in the notification tray, and at the top of the Credential management task.

Credential requests are sent when a user creates a cardholder, but cannot assign a credential or print a card for the cardholder (for example, because no printer is available). After you assign and print a credential card, it can be shipped to another site, if required.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the notification tray, click Card requests ().
    • At the top of the Credential management task, click Card requests.
  2. In the Card requests dialog box, select the request you want to respond to.
    Hold Shift to select multiple requests.
  3. To modify the request, click Modify (), edit the request, and then click OK.
  4. To deny the request, click Deny request ().
  5. To assign a card credential, click Associate card ().
    In the Associate cards dialog box that opens, do one of the following:
    • To assign a credential automatically, click Automatic entry, then select a reader (USB reader or a door), and present the card at the reader.

      If an eligible card is presented, it is immediately assigned. If the card has not been enrolled, it is enrolled automatically. If the card was already assigned to someone, it is rejected.

      For information on how you can encode a credential on your card before enrolling it, see Assigning credentials.

    • To assign a credential manually, click Manual entry, then select a card format, enter the required data fields, and click Enroll.
      Enter your card data carefully because the system cannot validate whether the data you entered correspond to a physical card or not.
    • To assign an existing credential, click Existing credential, then double-click a credential from the list of eligible credentials.
  6. To print the badge on the card, click Print cards () and follow the instructions.
  7. Click Close to complete this request.


After the card request is completed or denied, an email is sent to the requester only if they selected the Email me when the card is ready option when they requested the card.