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You can save your tasks in a private task list that only you can access, or in a public task list that everyone can access.

What you should know

When you save a task, the query filter settings, the task layout (report pane column order, canvas layout, and so on), and the entities displayed in each tile are also saved.
NOTE: The query results are not saved. They are regenerated every time you run the query.
The benefits of saving a task are as follows:
  • You can close your task, and reload it with the same layout when you need it.
  • You can share public tasks with other users.
  • You can use public tasks as a report template with the Email a report action.


  1. Right-click the task tab, and click Save as.
    NOTE: The Save as button is only available if your report query filters are valid. You know that your query is valid when the Generate report button is activated.
  2. In the Save task dialog box, select how you want to save the task:
    Private tasks
    A private task is a saved task that is only visible to the user who created it.
    Public tasks
    A public task is a saved task that can be shared and reused among multiple Security Center users.
  3. (Optional) To save the task in a folder on the Private tasks or Public tasks page, click Create new folder, type a name for the folder, and then click Create.
    If you select the Home folder, or if you do not select a folder, the task is saved on the main page of the Private tasks or Public tasks page.
  4. Enter a name for the saved task, or select an existing one to overwrite it.
    You can save a monitoring task that displays your parking lot cameras with the name Parking lot - Monitoring, or save an investigation task that searches for video bookmarks added within the last 24 hours with the name Today's bookmarks.
  5. (Only public tasks) Select the partition that you want the task to belong to.
    Only users that are members of the partition can view or modify this public task.
  6. Click Save.

After you finish

  • To save changes you make to the task, right-click the task tab, and click Save.
  • If you change the task layout (for example, resize or hide report columns), you can revert to the layout used when the task was saved by right-clicking the task tab, and clicking Reload.