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You can apply a set of filters to find the entities you need using the Search tool.

What you should know

The Search tool is available for many tasks. The available filters depend on the task you are using. For example, you can filter entities by name, description, entity type, partitions, and so on.


  1. In the Search box in the selector, click Apply a custom filter ().
  2. In the Search window, use the filters to specify your search criteria.
    • To turn on a filter, click on the filter heading. Active filters are shown with a green LED ().
    • To turn off a filter (), click on the filter heading.
    NOTE: Invalid filters are shown in red. Hover your mouse cursor over the heading to see why the filter is invalid.
  3. Click Search ().
    The search results appear on the right. The total number of results is displayed at the bottom of the list.
  4. Click Select columns () to choose which columns to display in the result list.
  5. Select the entities you want.
    Tip: Hold the Ctrl key for multiple selections. Click and to scroll through multiple pages of results.

  6. Click Select.
    Only the entities you selected appear in the selector.
  7. Click Clear filter () to stop using the search filter.