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To immediately share a task layout with someone else or display a task on a video wall, you can send the task to another user or a Security Desk monitor using a one-time hot action.

Before you begin

By default, when a task is received a confirmation window appears on the workstation, and a user must accept the task before it loads in Security Desk. If you are sending tasks to a Security Desk monitor and do not want the confirmation window to appear, disable the Ask for confirmation when opening tasks sent by other users option in the Options dialog box on the receiving workstation.

To send a task, the recipients must be online. If you are sending a task to a Security Desk monitor, a user must be logged on at that workstation.

What you should know

Sending tasks to a Security Desk monitor is typically used for workstations with multiple monitors, such as a video wall. With this feature, you can send a task directly to a specific monitor on the wall, without requiring intervention from an operator.

Only saved public tasks can be sent using a hot action.


  1. In the notification tray, click Hot actions ().
  2. In the Hot actions dialog box, click Manual action.
  3. In the Configure an action dialog box, select Send task from the list of actions.
  4. From the Task drop-down list, select the saved public task that you want to send.
  5. Select whether to send the task to a User or a Security Desk Monitor.
  6. In the Select destination list, select the user or the monitor to send the task to.
    Tip: When selecting a monitor as a destination, you might see red and white entries in your monitor list. Monitors that appear red are currently disconnected. Monitors that appear white are currently connected.
  7. (Optional) If you are sending the task to a user, write a message in the Message field.
  8. Click OK.


If the Ask for confirmation when opening tasks sent by other users option is enabled on the receiving workstation, the confirmation request appears and the recipient must accept the task before it loads.