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Security Center 5.10
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To quickly draw your colleague's attention to an entity that you are monitoring, you can share the entity with them. This displays the entity and the video of its associated cameras in a tile in their Monitoring task.

What you should know

  • To share entities with local users, you must have the Display entity in SD privilege.
  • Sharing an entity does not enable event monitoring of the entity for the recipients.
  • To share an entity, the recipients must be online and have an available monitoring tile.
  • You can share any entity that can be monitored in a tile. However, certain entities are not supported in Genetec™ Mobile.
  • Recipients can only view what is shared if they have the necessary access rights and privileges for that entity.
  • You can share live or playback video, depending on what you are viewing when you share.


  1. Right-click an entity and select Share.
    An entity can be shared from a map, a monitoring tile, or an entity tree in Security Desk.
    The Share window opens.
    Share window showing the sharing of an entity with another user.
  2. Verify that the entity populated in the field is the one you want to share. Click Add to add more entities.
  3. Specify who you want to share the entity with. Click Add to add more recipients.
    You can share with single users or user groups.
  4. (Optional) Add a message for the recipients.
  5. Click Share.


The video of the entity you are monitoring instantly displays in the Monitoring task of all recipients. If you included a message, it briefly displays as a pop-up on their screen and is also available in the notification tray.