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If you are controlling a video wall or analog monitor, you can open a saved public task, or switch between public tasks on the remote workstation using a keyboard shortcut sequence.

Before you begin

You need the logical ID of the public task. To find the logical ID of a task, check in the System task in Config Tool.
IMPORTANT: Multiple entities can use the same logical ID. If this is the case, then a camera or analog monitor entity with the same logical ID takes priority over the public task, and is displayed in the canvas instead of switching tasks.

What you should know

As you type the shortcut, the monitor and task IDs are displayed at the top of your local Security Desk window beside the notification tray. This helps you keep track of what numbers you have entered.


  1. Type the remote Security Desk monitor ID, and then press the PERIOD (.) key.
    Tip: The Security Desk monitor ID is shown in the notification tray (). If it is not displayed, you can show the monitor ID icon from the Options dialog box.
  2. Type the logical ID of the task, and then press ENTER.