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After creating a cardholder, you can go back and modify their properties, credentials, and access rights by selecting the cardholder in the Cardholder management task, and then clicking Modify ().

The properties you can edit depend on your user privileges. The following figure shows the cardholder modification dialog box.
A Cardholder’s basic properties. The cardholder properties are described in Creating cardholders.
B Edit the cardholder’s picture. See Cropping pictures and Applying transparent backgrounds to pictures.

To remove the cardholder’s picture, right-click, and then click Clear the picture.

C Assign additional access rights to the cardholder from the Access rules page. See Assigning credentials.
D Additional cardholder information. The properties are described in Creating cardholders.
E Edit the cardholder’s credential. The credential properties are described in Assigning credentials.
F Remove the cardholder’s credential.
G Switch between cardholders.
H Save or cancel your changes.