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Find out which cardholders and visitors have been inside a selected area, and the total duration of their stay within a given date range, using the Time and attendance report.

What you should know

This report displays the total time spent in the selected area by each selected cardholder and visitor, for each day covered by the date range. For example, if something happened in an area two days ago, you can find out who was in that area during that day by selecting the area and the date range.

For the report to be accurate, the selected area must be fully secured, meaning that people should not be allowed to enter or exit the area without swiping their card. Readers should be installed on both sides of a door (no REX’s), and cardholders must pass through the door one by one (no tailgating). Turnstiles are often used for this purpose.

NOTE: The time zone of the access control unit is used for this report.


  1. From the home page, open the Time and attendance task.
  2. Set up the query filters for the report. Choose from one or more of the following filters:
    Select the areas to investigate.
    NOTE: You must select a fully secured area.
    Restrict the search to specific cardholders, cardholder groups, or visitors.
    Time range
    The date range for the report.
    Start of day
    The time you want the day to reset every day. For example, you can set the day to start at 8 pm to account for night shifts that span over two days.
    Custom fields
    Restrict the search to a predefined custom field for the entity. This filter only appears if custom fields are defined for the entity, and if the custom field was made visible to you when it was created or last configured.
  3. Click Generate report.
    The total time spent in the selected area by each selected cardholder and visitor, for each day covered in the selected date range, are listed in the report pane.