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You can follow an individual through your facility in real time or in playback mode after an incident, using the visual tracking feature within a canvas tile.

Before you begin

Configure visual tracking.


  1. Select a tile displaying live or playback video.
  2. Enable visual tracking for that tile, one of the following ways:
    • In the camera widget, click Enable visual tracking ().
    • Right-click in the tile and click Camera > Enable visual tracking ().
    • On your keyboard, press Alt+F.
  3. As the subject moves out of the camera’s field of view, click the shape (colored overlay) representing a link to the next camera.
    Hover your mouse pointer over the shape to view a preview of the next camera image.


If someone steals something from your facility, you can investigate the theft using a combination of visual tracking and incident reporting.

In the Monitoring task, start incident recording () and enable visual tracking (). Play back the video and track the person as they moved around in your facility. When you stop incident recording, the cameras you switched to during the recording are included in the incident report. More importantly, the included video segments have the correct timestamps that correspond with when the person went into those areas. When you review the exported or saved report, the video segments are played back in sequence like a movie.