Using People counting to track and remove cardholders from areas - Security Center 5.10

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Security Center 5.10
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If a cardholder tailgates out of an area or is otherwise mistakenly listed as an occupant, you can remove them from that area using the People counting task's Search field.

What you should know

The cardholder search examines the area name, first name and last name; you can use any name as a search term.


  1. From the People counting task, enter the cardholder's name in the Search field at the top of the canvas. The result autocompletes as you type.
    You can also enter partial text. For example, entering "mit" brings up "Smith."
  2. Select the cardholder and click Remove from area.
    The cardholder is removed from the area and forgiven one antipassback violation the next time they badge their card.