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You can view system health events related to selected entities within a specified time range, using the Health history report.

What you should know

There are three severity levels of health events:
  • Error
  • Warning
  • Information

Almost every entity in your system can generate health events. You can choose which health events to monitor by configuring the Health Monitor role. For information about selecting which health events to monitor in Config Tool, see the Security Center Administrator Guide.

For example, if an entity is experiencing issues, you can search for past health events that have occurred in relation to that entity. If you want to search if there were critical errors that happened in the system during the last week, you can filter you search only for errors, and set a time range.
NOTE: Health events also appear in the notification tray as system messages () as they occur in real time.


  1. From the home page, open the Health history task.
  2. Set up the query filters for your report. Enable one or more of the following filters:
    Event timestamp
    Define the time range for the query. The range can be defined for a specific period or for global time units, such as the previous week or the previous month.
    Health event
    Name of the health event.
    Health severity
    Severity level of the health event:
    • Information
    • Warning
    • Error
    Select a computer that was having health issues to investigate.
    Observer entity
    The entity (role, server, unit, and so on) that reported the event.
    Show current health events
    Restrict the search to active health events. Only events that have been active for longer than the specified duration are listed in the report.
    NOTE: Dismissing an event from the Health history task or the System messages dialog box removes it from the list of active events.
    Source entity
    Source entity of the event.
    Source group
    Source entity group of the event. Usually a role or a unit.
  3. Click Generate report.
    The health events of the selected entities are listed in the report pane.

After you finish

To dismiss active health events that have the Error severity level, select the event and click Dismiss health event. The event is removed from the report and from the System messages dialog box. When you regenerate the report, dismissed events are still listed, as long as the Show current health events filter is disabled.