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You can view live video on an analog monitor by displaying a camera or camera sequence in an analog monitor entity () in the canvas. You can also receive alarms on an analog monitor if the analog monitor entity is a recipient of those alarms.

Before you begin

Your decoder unit needs to be connected to an analog monitor and it must be added in Security Center as a video decoding unit entity.

What you should know

If your decoder unit supports more than one analog monitor (for example, it is connected to multiple monitors on a video wall), each monitor is added as a separate analog monitor entity in Security Center. You can reproduce the physical layout of your video wall by adding the analog monitor entities to the canvas in a similar tile pattern.

Omnicast™ 4.x federated cameras are not supported on analog monitors in Security Center.


  1. Double-click or drag the analog monitor entity from the area view to a tile in the canvas.
  2. Double-click or drag a supported camera or camera sequence into the tile that is displaying the analog monitor.
    NOTE: Supported cameras must be from the same manufacturer as the video decoding unit and use the same video format.

    The live video from the camera is displayed on the physical analog monitor. In Security Desk, only the camera name and camera icon are displayed.

  3. To control the displayed cameras, use the widgets in the Controls pane (for example, the camera or PTZ widget).
  4. To remove the camera from the analog monitor, click in the tile.
    If your analog monitor entity is a recipient of an alarm, you can receive alarms on your physical analog monitor. When you receive an alarm, the following is shown in the tile that is displaying the analog monitor.
  5. To acknowledge the alarm, click Acknowledge (Default) () in the alarm widget.