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Visual tracking is a Security Desk feature that allows you to follow an individual across different areas of your company without ever losing sight of that individual, as long as the places this person goes through are monitored by cameras.

Visual tracking works with both live and playback video. When visual tracking is turned on, semi-transparent overlays (colored shapes drawn over the video) appear in the tile where the camera is displayed. Each overlay corresponds to one or more adjacent cameras that you can jump to.

In addition, when more than one camera is associated to a given overlay, a list of camera names is shown instead of the video preview. You must pick a camera name to switch to that camera. The video stream displayed in the tile switches to the next camera, as determined by the visual tracking configuration.

A Semi-transparent overlays on the video image signify a visual tracking link to another camera.
B Click on colored overlay to switch to the next camera.
C Hovering your mouse pointer over the overlay produces a preview of the next camera.