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To display different maps and configure your map display options, you can use the toolbar in the Maps task.

The Maps toolbar is divided in two parts. On the left, you have the map navigation commands. On the right, you have the display option commands.

Default map
Switches to the default map defined for the whole system.
Select map
Shows your list of favorites and the map hierarchy. Listed beside this command are the siblings of the current map.
Searches for maps and map objects by name.
Show or hide information on the map
Lists all active alarms in a floating window. The icon turns red when there are active alarms in the system.
  • Right-click an alarm in the list to access the alarm contextual menu.
  • Double-click an alarm to switch to a map where the alarm is displayed.
  • Click to change the sorting order of the alarms or the position of the window.
  • Click Trigger an alarm to show the list of alarms you can trigger manually.
  • Click Force ack all to forcibly acknolwedge all alarms in the system.
Past events
Lists all past events in a floating window.
  • Right-click an event in the list to access the event contextual menu.
  • Double-click an event to switch to the map showing the source of the event.
  • Click to change the sorting order of the events or the position of the window.
  • Click Clear to clear the event list.
Opens the Settings menu.
Show controls
Show or hide the controls. Same as typing F7.
Span map across all monitors
Use all monitors attached to Security Desk to display the map.
Configure favorites and default maps.
Add map to favorites
Add the current map to your list of favorites.
Edit map
Open the Map designer task in Config Tool to edit the current map. You need the Map designer privilege to use this command.
Set map as default
Set the current map as your default map, the first map that's loaded when you open the Maps task.
Set map as global default
(Administrators only) Set the current map as the global default map for all users.
Opens the Map options.
View tips to help you get started using maps.