Replaying Genetec Patroller™ routes - Security Center 5.8

Security Center User Guide 5.8

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Security Center 5.8
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You can replay the route taken by a Genetec Patroller™ on a given date on a map, using the Patroller tracking report.

Before you begin

To view your query results in the canvas, you must know how to monitor LPR events in Security Desk in map mode.

What you should know

The Patroller tracking report gives you a more visual representation than the Hits or Reads reports. For example, if you want to see the exact route a Genetec Patroller™ took during their shift select that Genetec Patroller™, and the date of their shift.

An animated playback of the Genetec Patroller™ route is displayed in map mode, and a graphical representation of the Genetec Patroller™ route is displayed in the timeline chronologically. In the map, the 15 LPR events that occurred before and after the current Genetec Patroller™ location are displayed. You can navigate through the route from the timeline, and review the hits and reads captured by the Genetec Patroller™.


  1. From the home page, open the Patroller tracking task.
  2. From the Patroller drop-down list, select a Genetec Patroller™ unit.
  3. Click Date, and select the day you want to view.
  4. Click Refresh.

    Security Center receives the Genetec Patroller™ data from the database. The route is plotted on the map, and on the timeline.

  5. To navigate through the Genetec Patroller™ route and locate LPR events, use the timeline controls.
  6. To view the properties of an LPR event, double-click an item on the map.