Setting entities in maintenance mode in Security Center - Security Center 5.8

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If you must perform maintenance on a device such as a camera or an access control unit, you can put the device in maintenance mode so that the health statistics for that entity are not affected.

What you should know

  • Unexpected downtime (when an entity is unavailable) affects the health statistics of that entity. However, when an entity is in maintenance mode, the downtime is considered expected downtime, and is not used in calculating the availability of that entity.
    NOTE: Setting an entity in maintenance mode does not stop the health events, but it reports all health events as information only.
  • You can set the following entities in maintenance mode: roles, video units, cameras, access control units, intrusion detection units, hardware zones, patrol vehicles, and LPR units.
  • You can also unlock a door for maintenance purposes from the door Properties tab.


  1. Open the appropriate task in Security Desk.
  2. Right-click the entity in the entity tree, tile, or map, and click Camera (for example) > Maintenance mode ().
  3. In the Maintenance mode dialog box, click Turn ON.
  4. Select how long you want to set the entity in maintenance mode for, from one of the following options:
    Maintenance mode must be manually turned off.
    Maintenance mode is turned on for the number of days that you select.
    Specific end-time
    Maintenance mode is turned on until the date that you select.

    You can modify the duration while the entity is in maintenance mode.

  5. In the Reason field, type the reason you are setting the entity in maintenance mode.
  6. Click Save.
    Sometimes Federation™ role icons do not refresh right away. Press F5 to refresh the entity tree.
    The entity is set to maintenance mode for the duration you specified. While the entity is in maintenance mode, the Maintenance mode icon () is displayed on the entity icon in the area view, in tiles, and on maps when applicable. The reason the entity is in maintenance mode is shown when you hover over the entity icon in the area view and on maps.