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To record audio with the video stream for Bosch VRM units in Security Center, you must enable audio recording on the unit using the Bosch VRM Configurator.

Before you begin

Make sure that the audio source is connected to the LineIn connector on the video unit.

What you should know

You cannot play back the audio of Bosch VRM video recordings or exported video files in Security Center.


  1. Open the Bosch VRM Configurator.
  2. Click System > Devices.
  3. From the Devices list, select the unit to configure.
  4. Click Recording > Recording Profiles, and select the Day tab.
    NOTE: If you want the unit to record audio at a different time, select a different day/time tab to configure.
  5. Next to the Recording includes field, select the Audio option.
  6. Apply your changes.

After you finish

If the unit is already added in Security Center and is recording, then restart the unit.