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Note the following when configuring the Video quality settings for Pelco Optera series units (IMM12018/IMM12027/IMM12036) in Security Center:

  • The number of cameras depends on the model and the Optera Compatibility Mode selected from the device's web page (Panomersive, Tiled, or Panomersive Uni-Stream).
    • In Panomersive mode, the first camera is a stitched image of the others cameras. The other cameras show one dewarpable video stream among the available sensor orientations: IMM12018 has 2 sides (right/left), IMM12027 has 4 (right/front/left/bottom), and IMM12036 has 5 (right/front/left/bottom/back).
    • In Tiled mode, you will not be able to dewarp or use a digital zoom on the video stream. This mode is not recommended.
    • The Panomersive Uni-Stream mode corresponds to the first camera of the Panomersive mode.
  • Video quality settings can only be configured for the first camera (Mosaic stream) and the second camera (Full Resolution stream).
  • Any video quality settings applied to the second camera (Full Resolution stream) are also applied to all subsequent cameras.
  • Video resolutions cannot be changed and depend on the Maximum Frame Rate mode.
  • Multicast connection type only works in Panomersive Uni-Stream mode because of camera issues in the other modes.