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Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide

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When adding Epiphan VGA Broadcaster Lite units to Security Center, you must set the correct Product type, depending on the firmware version.

Before you begin

Check the current firmware version of the camera in the unit's web page (Configuration > Info).


  1. From the Video task in Config Tool, select the Archiver you want to add the unit to.
  2. Click Add an entity () > Video unit .
  3. In the Manual add dialog box beside Manufacturer, select Epiphan.
  4. From the Product type drop-down menu select one of the following:
    Firmware earlier than 2.4.0
    VGA Broadcaster Lite
    Firmware 2.4.0 and later:
    VGA Broadcaster 2.4.0+
  5. Fill out the rest of the fields, and click Add.