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To be able to stream from a camera plugged in the SRM-872, you need to configure the camera's credentials with Smartviewer AUTO.

Before you begin

  • The camera needs to be ONVIF Profile S compliant or a Hanwha Techwin unit that supports SUNAPI.
  • Restore the unit to factory defaults, network included (the SRM-872 will assign an IP address to the unit).
  • Ensure audio in or out is active for all the profiles present on the unit. Perform an audio in or out test using the unit's web page. The codec needs to be G711.


  1. Make sure you are connected to a device by following: Connecting to a device.
  2. Plug camera to NVR if not already done.
  3. Click Device, then click Camera.
    You will see the IP in the Setting column of the port into which you plugged it. The device is PoE, so no external power is required.
  4. Click on the IP address of the camera you want to configure.
  5. In the Protocol field, select SUNAPI or ONVIF.
  6. Select the Authentication check box.
  7. Enter the username and password for the camera.
  8. Click Connect.
  9. Click OK.

After you finish

If the IP does not appear, you may need to reboot the SRM. Leave the cameras connected.