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To retrieve video archives that were recorded on the video units in Security Center, you must configure the video transfer settings for those cameras, such as what type of video data you want to download, and when.


  1. In the Config Tool home page, open the Archive transfer task.
  2. Click Add an item () > Retrieve from edge.
  3. In the Transfer group properties dialog box, in the Sources section, click Add an item () to select the cameras you want.
  4. In the Recurrence option, set a schedule for the archive transfer.
  5. To retrieve archives upon connection to the network, set the Upon reconnection option to ON, and specify a value of at least 600 seconds. This number defines how long the Archiver will wait to determine if a unit is online before transferring the video.
  6. Under Data, select Specific and select All archives when the camera was offline.
  7. Click Save.