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For streaming in H.264 with GeoVision GV-MDR220 units, you must configure the bit rate in the unit's web page.

What you should know

The bit rate settings in the unit’s web page affect the Bit rate and Image quality settings in Config Tool. If the unit is configured to use a Variable bit rate (VBR) on the unit’s web page, the Bit rate setting for the unit in Config Tool is ignored. When a Constant bit rate (CBR) is selected on the unit’s web page, the Image quality setting in Config Tool is ignored.


  1. Open the unit's web page.
  2. Enter the unit username and password.
  3. Click Video and Motion > Video settings > Streaming 1.
  4. Under Video Signal Type, select H264 as the Video Format.
  5. Under Bandwidth Management, do one of the following:
    • If you want to use a variable bit rate, select VBR and select the Quality and Maximal Bit Rate.
    • If you want to use a constant bit rate, select CBR and select the Maximal Bit Rate.
  6. Click Apply.