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You can configure the Axis T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board to be used as an external CCTV keyboard in Security Desk.

What you should know

The AXIS T8312 and the AXIS T8313 can be used together as one external CCTV keyboard, and associated to Security Desk commands of your choice. The 12 customizable buttons on the T8312 keyboard are mapped first, followed by the 6 buttons on the T8313 jog dial.


  1. If the CCTV keyboard is currently being used in another client application, then disconnect it as follows:
    1. From the home page in Security Desk, click Options > Peripherals > Keyboard.
    2. Click Disconnect.
      If you cannot see the Disconnect button, clear the Connect to keyboard automatically option.
  2. From the home page, click Options > Peripherals > Keyboard.
  3. From the Keyboard protocol drop-down list, select Axis Control Board.
  4. From the Button column, select a button to configure.
  5. Under Down command, expand the drop-down menu to see a list of commands you can choose from.
    You can associate a Down command and Up command for each button. The Up command is optional.
  6. Click Save.


The Axis CCTV keyboard is now ready to use in Security Desk.