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You can configure virtual inputs to access some actions in the camera unit's web page that are not normally supported by Security Center.

Before you begin

You need an Axis camera that supports virtual inputs.

What you should know

To configure actions in the Axis web page, you must first enable the virtual input feature in Security Center.


To configure virtual input in Security Center:

  1. In Config Tool, open the Video task and select an Axis unit in the Properties tab.
  2. Select the Enable virtual input check box.
  3. The unit will reconnect automatically.
    After you enable the feature in Security Center, you will see several output entities in the Peripherals tab of the video unit. Each entity corresponds to a virtual input on the unit.
  4. Open the System task, and click General settings.
  5. On the Actions page, create an event-to-action. For more information, see Creating event-to-actions.
    NOTE: You can configure the web page before enabling the virtual input feature in Security Center without losing any configuration.

To configure action rules for an Axis unit:

  1. Open the unit's web page.
  2. Click Setup > Events > Action Rules.
  3. In the Condition section, set up an action rule that corresponds to the event-to-action created in Security Center.
    After the unit is configured, it will perform the action triggered by Security Center.


The following is an example of an event-to-action that triggers the action set up in the unit's web page. Configure an event-to-action from the Config Tool to change the state of virtual output 2 to active when there is motion on the unit and another event-to-action to change it back to normal state when there is no motion. In the unit's web page, configure the unit to start edge recording when the state of virtual input 2 is changed to active and stop recording when it is changed to normal state.