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Hanwha Techwin metadata streams contain events and overlay data. They are recorded alongside the video stream and visible during archive playback. After the camera is configured, you can view metadata overlay in Security Desk.

Before you begin

  • Before adding Hanwha Techwin units to Security Center, you must enable and configure video analytics on the unit’s web page. If the camera was already enrolled in the system, reconnect to it. To verify that the camera is configured, go to the recording tab and verify that the Record metadata switch does not display a warning. For more information on configuring video analytics for your camera model, see the manufacturer's documentation.
  • You must have Display video overlays privileges to view and enable overlays. With these privileges, you can also control whether or not the video you export contains overlays.


  1. In the Privileges window select All privileges > Action privileges > Cameras and make sure that Allow is selected for Display video overlays.
  2. Metadata overlay is enabled by default. To verify that the metadata overlay is available in Security Desk, right-click inside the tile and select Cameras > Overlays. You can disable the setting in Security Desk video options.
  3. View the metadata overlay by adding a Hanwha Techwin camera (that supports metadata overlay) to a tile in Security Desk and confirm that the overlay is displayed during live and recorded data.