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Note the following when using the Hanwha Techwin P Series and Q series units.

Using smart zoom with Hanwha Techwin PNM-9320VQP
Smart zoom configuration must be done on the unit's web page before adding the unit to Security Center. Using smart zoom in Security Desk, you can draw rectangles around an area in the fixed camera and the PTZ unit moves to the defined area.
NOTE: The unit manages the priority and order of the smart zoom commands coming from many operators at the same time.
Audio for Wisenet Q series units
If you select the Mic in option for the Input type of the unit's microphone in the Peripherals tab of the video unit, Hanwha Techwin recommends using an amplifier to ensure that the audio is loud enough.
Edge recording
When recording on the edge is enabled on the web page of a Hanwha Techwin P series or Q series unit, such as the PNV-9080R and QNO-6070R, the H.264-2 tab is not available in Config Tool.

If a second H.264 stream is required, edge recording must be disabled on the camera's web page before adding the unit in Config Tool

NOTE: This applies to units added to Security Center and earlier or added to using the Legacy product type. If using the WiseNet product type for SUNAPI units, you have a limited amount of streams that you can establish simultaneously.