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The following additional configuration steps are required for some of your units to work in Security Center.

Firmware upgrades
To upgrade the firmware for Arecont units, you must use the Arecont Firmware Loader. Before you upgrade, make sure the unit is not streaming video and not connected to an Archiver.
Key frames and H.264 units
To use key frame-related functions (such as still frame alarms) with Arecont H.264 cameras, you must set a high frame rate, or modify the frame interval between key frames. To change the interval setting, use the following URL: http://<camera.ip>/setreg?page=3&reg=21&val=<value meant to replace the 50> . For example, if your camera IP is and you want to change the interval setting to five, you would type:
NOTE: If you are using an Arecont Surround Video IP Camera, you must replace the 21 in the URL with 100 (
Motion detection
Default motion detection sensitivity doesn't trigger motion events. You must configure this setting at 50% when the unit is added.