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Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide

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Note the following when adding SUNAPI units to Security Center. The SUNAPI driver is used as of

Migration to the new SUNAPI driver
Best practice: Keep existing deployed cameras under the current driver and add new cameras using SUNAPI.

If you need to transfer existing deployed cameras, you can restore factory default settings for the unit or delete all ONVIF profiles. For more information about migrating to the SUNAPI driver, see Adding cameras to the SUNAPI driver.

To add a camera using the new driver, select the Product type WiseNet for P, Q, X, T, L, and SPE series. Select Legacy if the add unit does not work using the other product type.

Adding a camera
If selecting a driver for an unsupported camera, you'll receive the following error: The device uses an unsupported API version. Updating to the latest supported firmware may resolve this issue.
NOTE: If you are using the most recent firmware, select the Product type Legacy.
Hardware Motion Detection is not available when SUNAPI CGI version is 2.5.1 or lower. To resolve this issue, upgrade the camera's firmware.
Support for virtual cropped views
You can enable Crop encoding in the Video Profile tab on the unit's web page. Virtual encoders are created for each video profile you select to crop.
IMPORTANT: You must do this before adding the unit to Security Center.
NOTE: The camera goes offline when cropped profiles are changed on the unit's web page.
Multiple steaming
For some SUNAPI units, you cannot establish more than three streams simultaneously.

If the camera was previously added using ONVIF, the unit is added to Security Center with less streams than expected.

Additional configuration
For meta data to be displayed in Security Desk you must activate IVA on the unit’s web page.

For Audio in support, you must select Audio in for the Profile type E-mail/FTP profile on the unit’s web page.

If Audio in is not active after enabling it on the unit's web page and reconnecting the unit, select the microphone in the Hardware tab in Security Center to activate it.