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The following additional configuration steps are required for some of your units to work in Security Center.

H.264 motion detection
When using H.264 motion detection with Pelco units, it is recommended that you disable all automatic image adjustments on the unit’s web page.
NET54xx encoder series
The NET54xx encoder series can have a range of one to four channels. Each channel must have a different IP address. Therefore, units like the NET5402T which have two channels must be added twice in Security Center, once for each IP address.
NOTE: Daisy-chain configuration is not supported with NET54xx encoders.
Dual-streaming for Pelco IP series
When using dual-streaming with Pelco IP series units, the video stream settings for each stream are linked. For example, the video settings you define for the primary stream tab (MPEG-4-1) are automatically applied in the secondary stream tab (MPEG-4-2).
PTZ controls for NET5301T units
To use PTZ on Pelco NET5301 units in Security Center, you must enable PTZ and configure the serial port in the camera Hardware tab in Config Tool.