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There are some things you need to know when using the SPC-6000 CCTV keyboard in DVR mode with Security Desk.

Please note the following when using DVR mode:

  • If the green PTZ button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen is disabled, the joystick does not work.
  • If the green PTZ button is enabled, the joystick can only control PTZ when the tile is not playing back video.
  • In Security Desk, when the green PTZ button is enabled, the joystick can replicate playback controls represented by the playback keys. Rewind, fast forward, play and frame-by-frame are available.
  • In Security Desk, when a tile is playing back video, holding the joystick down will playback video. Once released, video playback is paused.
  • The Record key on the keyboard can only be used to start a manual recording. You must make sure to configure the default manual recording length for the Archiver, or for the camera you want to record. The camera recording will stop automatically.
  • When in Playback mode, the MODE key can be used to switch back to live.
  • The ALARM key can acknowledge an alarm displayed in a selected tile of the Alarm monitoring task.