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Before configuring some Axis units that are factory defaulted, you must set a new password for the root user on the unit.

What you should know

In Axis units that are factory defaulted, or new units shipped from the manufacturer, with firmware versions released September 2019 or later, the VAPIX and ONVIF interfaces are disabled. You cannot access or configure the Axis video unit, or add the unit to Security Center, using the default root and pass credentials.


  1. Download the Axis Device Manager from
  2. Open the Device Manager and click Add device from IPrange.
  3. Type the IP address of the unit and click Next.
    If the unit is connected properly, it is discovered and displayed in the device list.
  4. Select the unit and click Next.
    The actions that were greyed out are enabled.
  5. Click Set password for selected devices.
  6. Set a New password for your unit and click OK.
  7. Add the video unit to Security Center.