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For each video stream, you must select the encoder type you want to use to compress the stream before adding Basler units in Security Center.


  1. Open the unit's web page.
  2. Click Configuration > Camera Configuration > Streaming.
  3. Click one of the video stream tabs.
  4. From the Encoder Type drop-down list, select the desired encoder type for that stream.
    NOTE: Multicast can only be used with Stream0. To use multicast with Stream0, set the Encoder Type to H.264 or MPEG-4.
  5. Repeat the steps for each video stream you want to use.
    If you are not using Stream1 and Stream2, then you can disable them by selecting Off from the Encoder Type drop-down list. Only disable Stream2 if Steram1 is also disabled.
  6. To save your settings, close the Streaming section of the unit's web page.

After you finish

If the unit is already added in Security Center, then restart the unit.