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The second video stream for Cisco 3000 and 6000 series units must be enabled on the unit’s web page.

What you should know

When the second stream is enabled on Cisco CIVS-IPC-6050 and CIVS-IPC-6400E units, the maximum frame rate of both streams is limited to 15 FPS.


  1. Open the unit's web page.
  2. Click Setup > Feature Setup > Streaming.
  3. Under Current Stream, select Stream 2 and check the Enable Stream option.
  4. Under Video, select MJPEG as the Video Codec.
    NOTE: Because MJPEG is used for the second stream, selecting H.264 has no effect,
  5. Click Save.
  6. Add the unit to Security Center.
    If your unit is already part of the Security Center system, restart the unit for your changes to take effect.