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Axis supports custom applications installed on most of their units. These events are activated in Security Center, but configuration must be done on the unit's webpage.

What you should know

Security Center gets the list of applications and events from the camera automatically and they should work by default.


  1. Install and configure the Application on the unit's web page.
    For detailed information, see your Axis documentation.
  2. Restart the camera in Security Center to see the updated list of Applications.
  3. In Config Tool, open the Video task.
  4. Select the video unit with ACAP applications.
  5. In the Properties tab, select the Applications you want to run on the unit and click Save.
    The list of events refreshes.
  6. Select the Application events you want to use in Security Center and click Save.
    NOTE: You can choose to receive all events by selecting the root event, or expend the event list and only select the events you want to receive.