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For Security Center to detect which units have changed their IP address and automatically reestablish a connection, the Allow hostname address resolution option must be selected in the Axis Extensions tab.


  1. From the Video task in Config Tool, select the Archiver to configure.
  2. Click the Extensions tab, and then click the Axis extension.
  3. Select the Allow hostname address resolution option.
  4. If you want the discovery to be performed every n minutes instead of every hour, do the following:
    1. At the bottom of the Extensions tab, click Advanced settings.
    2. In the Advanced settings dialog box, click .
    3. In the Name column, type UnitReenrollmentPeriod.
    4. In the Value column, enter in minutes how often you want the discovery to be performed.
      For example, if you want the discovery to be done every 15 minutes, enter 15.
    5. Click Close > Apply.