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You can configure recordings using Smartviewer AUTO.

Before you begin

Make sure you have added a camera to the device by following: Add a camera to the SRM-872.


  1. Click Record.
  2. In the Record tab, configure the following:
    1. Overwrite: Write over older files if disk space is insufficient.
    2. Use Emergency Record: Record when the emergency button (red button) is activated.
    3. Auto Deletion: Delete older recordings after X days.
    4. Select Record options:
      • Full Frame: Full video recording, takes up the most space on the hard drive.
      • Key Frame: Records a frame at a regular interval, takes up less space on hard drive.
  3. In the Record Profile tab, configure the following:
    1. For each camera, select the video profile used for the recording.
    2. To edit a profile, click Edit and refer to points 3 to 6 of Configure video settings.
    3. Do not change the codec after recording has been enabled. If you do, what was previously recorded on the edge will be unplayable in Security Desk.
  4. In the Event tab, configure the following:
    1. Pre-Event duration: Set the amount of video recorded before an event is triggered.
    2. Emergency Record duration: Set the maximum duration a recording, triggered by the Emergency button, will record.
    3. Post-Event duration: Set the amount of video recorded after an event is triggered.
  5. In the Schedule tab, configure the following:
    1. In the Day column, select the day for which this schedule is applied.
    2. In the From - To column, select the time frame for which the schedule is active. This is configured by 15 minutes increment.
    3. In the Mode column, select how the recording should be triggered.
    4. In the Camera column, select the cameras for which this schedule will be enabled.
    5. In the Setting column, choose Full Frame or Key Frame recording.
    6. To delete an existing schedule, click .
    7. To create a new schedule, click .
  6. Click OK.