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Some units are equipped with temperature control devices (fans and heaters) that can be manually activated and deactivated in Security Desk. However, the manual actions are always submitted to the temperature control configuration of the unit that specifies how the devices will operate with or without manual intervention.

What you should know

The settings entered here will always have priority over manual actions performed in Security Desk.


  1. Open the unit's web page.
  2. Click Setup > System options > Advanced > Plan config.
  3. Select the TemperatureControl group.
  4. For each temperature control device, enter the following:
    Manual control duration
    Period (in seconds) during which the device will operate after it was manually activated in Security Desk.
    Control policy limit
    Temperature at which the device will automatically be activated.
    Control policy delta
    Temperature difference from the Control policy limit at which the device will automatically be deactivated.
    User control support
    Specifies whether the device can be controlled manually or not.