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You must configure the Bosch Intuikey CCTV keyboard before using it in Security Desk.

Before you begin

Make sure that the RS-232 port of the Bosch Intuikey CCTV keyboard is connected to the COM port of the computer.

What you should know

The top four buttons on Bosch Intuikey CCTV keyboards can control the Play, Pause, Next, and Previous commands of a camera sequence in the Security Desk. The default button association is the following:
Button on Bosch keyboard Command in Security Desk
Pause Pause
Play Play/Resume
FF Show previous camera in the sequence
REW Show previous camera in the sequence


  1. From the home page in Security Desk, click Options > Peripherals > Keyboard.
  2. From the Keyboard protocol drop-down list, select Bosch Intuikey.
  3. From the Communication port drop-down list, select the COM port you just connected the keyboard to.
  4. From the Data bits drop-down list, select 8.
  5. From the Parity drop-down list, select None.
  6. From the Stop bits drop-down list, select One.
  7. From the Baud rate drop-down list, select 19200.
  8. Click Connect > Save .


The keyboard is ready to use.