Configuring the wiper and washer for Axis XP40-Q1765 cameras - Security Center

Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide

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To control the wiper and washer on an Axis XP40-Q1765 camera in Security Center, additional configuration is required after adding the video unit in Security Center.


  1. Enable and configure the wiper and washer settings on the unit web page.
    Set the wiper preset to 86 and the washer preset to 87. For more information, see your Axis documentation.
  2. In Config Tool, open the Video task.
  3. Select the Archiver role, click the Extensions tab, and select the Axis extension.
  4. Click Advanced settings, and add the following settings:
    • MaxNumberOfPresets: 87
    • UseGoToDevicePreset: 86,87 (These values must match the preset values you set in the unit web page)


In Security Desk you can now you can trigger the wiper with preset 86, and the washer with preset 87.