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For intelligent video analytics (IVA) to work on Bosch units in Security Center, additional configuration steps are required.

Before you begin

  • For some camera models, a valid video analytics license from the manufacturer must be installed on the unit.
  • Bosch Video SDK should be installed on the local machine to be able to configure the analytics settings in Internet Explorer.

What you should know

Video analytic information related to object detection can be viewed as metadata overlays on the video image of Bosch cameras in Security Desk. In Security Center 5.6 GA and later, the name of the metadata stream is Intelligent video analysis. If your Bosch unit was added in Security Center prior to 5.6 GA and it supported IVA, then you must delete the unit and add it again in Config Tool for the metadata stream to be called Intelligent video analysis.

For Bosch units with an older firmware version, video analytics rules can only be configured using the Bosch Configuration Manager. To use the Bosch Configuration Manager, you must have a valid license from the manufacturer, and ActiveX must be installed.


  1. Open the unit's web page.
  2. Click Alarm > VCA.
  3. From the Analysis type drop-down list, select an IVA analysis type.
  4. Click Configuration.
  5. In the Tasks tab of the Settings dialog box, configure the video analytics rules.
    NOTE: Only analytic data from the Detect any object option can be viewed as metadata overlays on video images in Security Desk.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Add the unit in Security Center.
    • If the unit is already added in Security Center, reconnect the unit. In Config Tool open the Video task, select the unit and click Unit > Reconnect.

After you finish

IMPORTANT: To receive motion events and video analytic events for the Bosch unit in Security Desk, the PTZ camera must be on a preset position.