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To control the wiper on Bosch units (for example, MIC-7130 or MIC-550 units) in Security Desk, use auxiliary commands in the PTZ widget.


  1. In Security Desk, select the camera in a tile.
  2. In the PTZ widget, click Toggle to advanced mode ().
  3. From the Auxiliaries drop-down list, select one of the following commands:
    • 102-Untitled (Wiper continuous)
    • 103-Untitled (Wiper intermittent)
    • 104-Untitled (Wiper one shot)
    • 105-Untitled (Wash/wipe)
  4. To give the command a more descriptive name, click Rename (), and type a name.
  5. Click Start auxiliary command () to start the wiper command, and click Stop auxiliary command () to stop it.