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PTZ patterns can be created for some Axis cameras through the guard tour feature.

Before you begin

  • The Axis camera you are using must have the guard tour feature, and be running firmware version 4.40 or later. For a list of Axis cameras that currently support this feature, see our Supported Device List.
  • Make sure you have the Use patterns and Edit patterns user privileges in Security Center.

What you should know

An Axis guard tour is similar to a Security Center PTZ pattern; it is a series of presets (including camera position, iris, and focus settings) which can run in the Security Desk or Config Tool the same as any other PTZ pattern. Refer to your Axis camera’s documentation for more information on guard tours.
Once an Axis camera that supports the guard tour feature is added in Security Center, empty patterns are automatically created, initially named “0 - Untitled” through “10 - Untitled”. These patterns can then be renamed in Config Tool, and configured in the Axis unit’s web page.
IMPORTANT: Do not create new patterns, rename patterns, or edit presets in the Axis unit’s web page. This will result in unusable patterns.


  1. Rename the default Axis PTZ patterns.
  2. Configure the Axis guard tours.