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There are some additional steps required when using the Digital Barriers driver in Security Center.

The Digital Barriers driver uses EdgeVis technology to control the devices and acquire streams.

  • The Digital Barriers driver can be added using unit discovery.
  • Live Streaming is supported.
  • Video Edge Playback is supported.
  • You can monitor live and playback GPS events in Security Desk.
  • The driver interacts with the EdgeVis Server SDK and video retrieval in H264 and MJPEG is supported.
  • You can use GOP Download service to download edge archives from the EdgeVis Server SDK. Data retrieval is available for H264 only.

The Digital Barriers driver has the following limitations:

  • You can only stream one camera per EdgeVis encoder at a time.
  • Archive sequences are only updated when reconnecting a unit.
  • You cannot view live or edge playback for any camera connected to an encoder that has Archiver recording configured. Live or edge playback can only be viewed for one camera under the same unit.
  • If a camera is added on an encoder after the encoder was added to Security Center, it is not visible in the system. You must reconnect the camera.
  • When adding an encoder, the stream resolution is always set to the maximum and cannot be changed.
  • Failover configurations are not supported for Digital Barriers.