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Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide

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The following additional configuration steps are required for some of your units to work in Security Center.

Dual cameras
Only one set of configuration parameters can be managed in Security Center per camera. For MOBOTIX dual cameras, some parameters can be set differently for the two image sensors.
When changing color saturation, rotation, or brightness settings in Security Center, they are only applied to the currently displayed image sensor. When viewing dual images, the settings are applied to both sensors.
Aspect Ratio
When integrating cameras in Security Center, make sure that both image sensors are using the same aspect ratio (the default is 4:3). Avoid combining two images with different aspect ratios, such as Panorama (8:3) with a full image (4:3). If different aspect ratios are used, the RTP stream can briefly stop when switching from one sensor to the other in Auto Mode, for example. As a result, Security Center will automatically restart the stream, but the video image will stop for a moment. In addition, Security Center might display corresponding warning messages.
Frame Rate
If you change the frame rate, image size (resolution or aspect ratio), or display mode, or activate or deactivate the microphone and speaker from the unit's web page, you must reconnect the unit in Security Center to apply your changes. In Config Tool, open the Video task, select the unit and click Unit > Reconnect.
If you set a lower resolution for the live stream on the unit's web page, after you reconnect the video unit or you switch the streaming type to MJPEG in Config Tool an Invalid resolution button displays next to the Resolution option in the Video tab of the camera. Click the Invalid resolution button to receive the list of available resolutions from the unit's web page.