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The following additional configuration steps are required for some of your units to work in Security Center.

Motion detection read-only mode
When adding a unit with ONVIF, you can determine where to configure motion detection. If you enable Configure motion detection on unit, motion configuration is done on the unit's web page.

For more information about this feature, see About motion detection.

Stream resolutions for ONVIF units
When you add an ONVIF compliant video unit in Security Center using the All Product type (the full driver), the resolutions available for all streams of the video unit are received in Security Center, and are available for all the streams in the Video tab of the camera. When there are dependencies between video streams, resolutions that are not available for a specific stream are visible.

If the camera does not support the resolution you select, the closest available resolution is used by the ONVIF driver. As a result, the video might stream at a slightly different resolution than the one you select. To prevent this, you can find out which resolutions are supported for the camera from its specification sheet.

Support for H.265
H.265 capability requires Security Center 5.6 or higher and the latest supported firmware for the cameras.
NOTE: H.265 will not be added automatically with an upgrade. Cameras must be added into 5.6 and higher.