Configuring Interlogix TVP-1101 units - Security Center 5.7 GA

Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide 5.7 GA

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Security Center 5.7 GA
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Security Center

You must specify a Capture mode of either 1280x720@30fps or 1280x960@30fps on the unit's web page before adding the unit to Security Center.

What you should know

The Capture Mode is set to OFF on the unit's web page by default. If you leave it OFF, your unit may restart when using a 1280x960 resolution for an MJPEG stream.


  1. Open the unit's web page, and click Configuration.
  2. On the left side of the screen, expand Configuration and select Image.
  3. Under Video Adjustment, beside Capture Mode, select either 1280x720@30fps or 1280x960@30fps.
  4. Save your configuration and add the unit to Security Center.