Viewing a quad stream for a four port Axis encoder - Security Center 5.7 GA

Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide 5.7 GA

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Security Center 5.7 GA
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When using a four port encoder such as the Axis Q7424-R, five encoders are added to Security Center for the unit. The fifth encoder is added in order to view a quad stream and does not require an extra camera license. The quad view is a combination of the views of the four other encoders.

What you should know

When one of the four encoders is disabled, the fifth encoder for the quad view is automatically disabled. The fifth encoder cannot be enabled again until the other four encoders are enabled. The quad view encoder must be enabled manually in Config Tool on the Peripherals tab of the unit.


  1. Add the unit to Security Center, see Adding video units manually.
    Five encoders are added for the unit. The fifth encoder (05) is for the quad view.

  2. Double-click or drag the fifth encoder into a tile to view the stream.