Configuring multicast streaming for Panasonic cameras - Security Center 5.7 SR2

Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide 5.7 SR2

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Security Center 5.7 SR2
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To view multicast video with Panasonic WJ-GXE100 (DG-GXE100) and WJ-GXE500 (DGGXE500) cameras in H.264 or MPEG-4, you must perform some additional configuration steps in Config Tool.

What you should know

With Panasonic DG-GXE100 and DG-GXE500 cameras, you can stream a maximum of three channels simultaneously.


  1. From the Video task in Config Tool, select the camera to configure.
  2. Click the Video tab.
  3. From the Priority drop-down list, select Constant.
  4. Set the Bit rate slider value in between 64-2048.
  5. Click Apply.