Enabling multicast streaming for MOBOTIX units in Security Center - Security Center 5.7 SR2

Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide 5.7 SR2

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Security Center 5.7 SR2
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To use multicast streaming with MOBOTIX units in Security Center, you must enable multicast on the camera for at least one stream of the selected codec.

What you should know

The camera only allows multicast IP addresses in the range -


  1. Add a unit in Security Center.
  2. From the Config Tool home page, open the Video task.
  3. Select the camera to configure and click the Video tab.
  4. In the Network settings section, take note of the Multicast address and port number for each stream to be used for multicast streaming.
  5. Open the unit's web page and select Admin Menu.
  6. Select Camera Administration > Integration Protocols.
  7. Expand Global Settings and from the Multicast Interface drop-down, select the interface (IP) to be used for multicast streaming.
  8. Expand the section corresponding to the codec and the stream to be enabled. For example, MxPEG Settings > Stream 1.
  9. Select the Enable Multicast check box.
  10. Enter the Multicast IP and Multicast Port from step 4.
    NOTE: Configuration will be permanently stored.
  11. Click Set > Close > OK.
  12. From the Config Tool, select the camera entity and click the Video tab.
  13. Click Reconnect.
  14. From the Connection type drop-down list in the Network settings section, select Multicast.
  15. Click Apply.
    NOTE: If video cannot be streamed in multicast, check the unit's web page to see if the stream's Multicast TTL setting that is too low. If this is confirmed, raise that value on the unit's web page and do a Reconnect in Config Tool.