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Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide 5.7 SR3

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The following additional configuration steps are required for some of your units to work in Security Center.

H.264 software motion detection
Software motion detection is based on metadata sent from the camera which is affected by the Sensitivity setting on the unit’s web page. For best results, increase the Sensitivity value on the unit’s web page before you configure software motion detection in H.264.
MJPEG multi-streaming
Multi-streaming in MJPEG is supported on certain Panasonic cameras in Security Center. In the Video tab of Panasonic camera entities in Config Tool, the Quality setting must be the same for both video streams, and can only be configured from stream 1.
Edge analytics for Panasonic WJ-NT314 encoders
To use edge analytics with Panasonic WJ-NT314 encoders, it must be configured for each active channel using the unit’s web page.
I/O pin configuration
Panasonic units DG-NS202, WV-NS954, WV-NW964, WV-NP502, WV-SP508, WV-NW502S and DG-NW502S do not have a hardwired pin configuration. The input and output pins cannot be configured for these units through their web page, because Security Center will enforce the following configuration:
NOTE: Panasonic pin types other than input/output, such as auxiliary pins, are not supported in Security Center.
Pin # Panasonic description Security Center pin configuration
1 Alarm In IN
2 Alarm In/Alarm Out OUT
3 Alarm In/Auxiliary Out IN
4 Ground Ground